• All children have the ability to learn

  • All children are curious & creative

  • All children can succeed

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That's why our coaches are trained to teach those who learn through seeing, feeling and doing.

Welcome to a place where children can live their dreams and with the support of very special people, you and the Stars Gymnastics staff, those dreams can be accomplished. Here is a place where, the coaches and the parent are encouraged to work together to make accomplishing these dreams fun, challenging and rewarding. Welcome to a place where perfection is the goal, but by no means does that mean you have to be perfect. Welcome to a place where it is sincerely believed that the sum of the parts is greater than any one individual. Our dream has become reality because of the efforts of good people working together to do good things for kids, each other and the community. Working together as a team makes the task at hand more productive and certainly more enjoyable.

Mission Statement
Our mission at Stars Gymnastics is to play a constructive role in the development of healthy, confident, disciplined and responsible children. We accomplish this by setting goals and a positive path to accomplishment, helping children appreciate their inner self worth and abilities, helping children to enthusiastically master the art of learning, and helping children develop and refine lifelong skills of self-esteem and pride that come from being a part of one of the best teams in the area, and the state.

Stars Gymnastics staff understands the importance of the role of dealing with children and how it pertains to child development.  We understand that there is a need for trust. Stars Gymnastics staff takes the responsibility of caring for, teaching and influencing your children in a positive manner, very seriously. Each individual child is more important than their ability to perform gymnastics skills. 

Stars Gymnastics philosophy begins with a belief that gymnastics is the root of all sport and a great starting point for an active life style, regardless of whether the child wants to be a competitive gymnast or not. We use gymnastics to teach much greater lessons than just cartwheels and flips. Participation at Stars Gymnastics will help each child learn life skills and build character.    We are developing fitness, as well as teaching goal setting, self-esteem, teamwork, leadership, perseverance, determination, mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and more. These are all great bi-products of a sports program and we simply use gymnastics as the vehicle to deliver those lessons. We measure our success, not by the number of trophies on the wall but rather, what each child takes with them when they leave the sport of gymnastics. We are providing a program with fun, fitness and challenges and most importantly of all, child development.

Stars Gymnastics History/Resume
Stars Gymnastics began operating out of the City of Baldwin Park in 1993. We began as a small recreational program, located in the Baldwin Park Community Center, with a handful of classes being offered each week. It wasn’t long before classes filled up and more were added to the schedule. Students gradually advanced in levels, enrollment continued to increase each year. In 1997 we were excited to create Performance Teams, which performed at local events, participated in parades and performed at USA-Gymnastics GymFest events. By 2002, Stars Gymnastics students and coaches had the skill level and confidence to begin competing. We participated in USA-Gymnastics Group Gymnastics competitions throughout the state of California and Nationally for 11 years. Recreational classes, performance teams and competitive teams continued to train at the community center, with limited days and hours available for training. Although the competitive teams practiced only half as many hours as their competitors, the Stars Gymnastics team came out on top, placing in the top 3 on a regular basis, as well as winning State and National Championships. Year after year the recreational and competitive program grew. In 2012, Stars Gymnastics also began competing Artistic Gymnastics, winning 2nd place in the State at the end our first year. We went on to win 1st place our second year. As the program continued to grow it became more difficult for the City to provide the amount of time needed to accommodate all of the students and classes. In 2013 Stars Gymnastics left the location of the community center and moved into its own 6,200 sf facility, remaining in the city of Baldwin Park.  We were there for 4 years.   With continued support from the community, Stars outgrew that facility and parking lot.  We then relocated into the City of Covina.  Our new facility is approximately 12,000 square feet.  We are continue offering recreational and competitive gymnastics & Tumbling.  We have added Ninja kids, kids fitness and Adaptive classes.   Thousands of children have and will continue to benefit from the positive and rewarding classes available at Stars Gymnastics. Although the results are the indication of a quality organization, it is the lessons learned and the character built through the sport that is the most important thing to me as a coach and as a club owner.