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Cash payments are preferred.  

All payments must be submitted by February 2nd or the Team Member that you are supporting will be responsible for paying for each one selected in their name. 


Input the Buyers First Name & The Team Members First Name

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After you create your account, you will be asked for the
​Contest Password:  Team2019


ADD $1.00 FOR EVERY $20

How does it work?    

Stars Gymnastics—100 Squares NFL Football Pool Rules

1) The pool is displayed on a grid of squares with numbers along both the top and left side of the page. The top row of numbers represents one team and the side row represents the other team.

2) The cost of each square is $20.00.    Players may purchase as many squares as they like.

3) Team Member profit is $10 per square.   $10 will go towards the prizes, listed below.

4) As the squares are sold, players may write their names in any square they wish. Every square must be sold for the pool to guarantee a winner. 

5) When every square contains a player's name, it's time for to input the numbers.   The online system will put the names in randomly and automatically.  The paper chart will require a drawing!  The numbers 0 through 9 will be written on small pieces of paper and placed in a hat.  As each number is drawn, it will be written down in square with "#" on the top row going from left to right. Once all the numbers have been drawn, they will be put back in the hat to start the drawing over. This time filling in the left column beginning at the top and work our way down until all numbers have been drawn.

6) At the end of each quarter, match the last digit of each team's score with the corresponding number on the grid. For example: if the score was 10 to 3, you would use the numbers 0 and 3 on your grid. The player's name in the square that intersects both numbers is the winner of that quarter.

7) When the game is over, the winners of each quarter will receive their appropriate winnings.  $$$

8) If there is an overtime, it will be treated as an extension of the fourth quarter and the score at the end of
overtime is used to determine the winner.  There will be four (4) winners, each receiving a specific dollar amount of the pot.

It's possible for one player to be the winner of more than one quarter.


1st Quarter = $200
2nd Quarter = $200
3rd Quarter = $200
4th Quarter = $400