Shooting Stars Gymnastics:  Age 1-3 yrs


Parent participation class that includes music and gymnastics.  Students participate on all apparatus (uneven bars, balance beam, vault table, tumbling  & trampoline), learning balance, coordination & basic gymnastics skills.  Students also enjoy socializing with other kids their age.  A great class for building confidence. 

Recreational Classes


Recreational Classes are available year round.  Students will gain experience on all gymnastics apparatus, learning at their own pace.  Class placement is initially based on age.  However, as students gain skills and experience, they will be able to move up through the levels.  Those who show the ability and desire to make a bigger commitment to the sport, may be invited to Pre-Team.  

ninja fit warrior: ages 5-13

Levels:  Recruit - Agent - Pro - Master

The Ninja Fit Warrior program is created to give kids a fun approach to fitness as they work on strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem solving and coordination while they overcome obstacles designed for their skill level.  This class is a hit.  They love the variety of activities.

adaptive gymnastics (mild disabilities)

Children will benefit from classes that are specifically designed to fit their needs and capabilities.  Gymnastics and other physical activities will be included in lesson plans, as well as guidance with following directions and maintaining self control.    This program will help our  participants gain social skills, confidence in mastering technique and provide them with a fun way to express themselves.  These classes have a max of 5 students.

intermediate & advanced gymnastics

Level 3, 4, 5 & 6 Gymnastics

​Gymnastics who are ready for greater challenges will move on to higher level skills on all events and train for greater strength and flexibility as well.

kids Athletic training:

Coach Nick will get your kids in shape for any sport they are involved.  Sport specific training in a private setting or with a group.  

super stars gymnastics: age 3 & 4 yrs

Students participate in a fun filled class as they learn balance, coordination & basic gymnastics.  Age appropriate skills are taught on the uneven bars, balance beam, vault table, tumbling and trampoline.  A great confidence builder!

Committed to providing positive and rewarding classes for children of all ages and abilities

Beginner Gymnastics

JR GYM: AGES 5 & 6 / LEVEL 1 & 2: AGES 7 -12

Students participate on all apparatus uneven bars, balance beam, vault table, tumbling & trampoline, learning balance, coordination & basic gymnastics skills. This class provides a challenging and rewarding experience for all.


Level 1, 2, 3 & 4

Using the spring floor, tumbling aids and the Trampoline, students will gain tumbling skills, tightness and control.  Each level increases in difficulty. 

Many of our teenagers prefer being in classes with other kids their age, rather than with younger kids.  We offer a few classes specifically for this age group.


Ages 12 - 17