Macey Norton

​Recreational Coach Events Coordinator & Front Office

Alyssa Bueno

​Team Manager

Kaitlyn Guerrero

​Recreational Coach 

Julia Pastoriza

​Recreational Coach & Pre-Team Coach

Johnny Bueno

​Team Coach

Sophia Saucedo

​Recreational Coach

Isabel Luna

​Recreational Coach & Pre-Team Coach 

Isabela Caballero

​Recreational Coach & Front Office 

Adriana Sanchez

​Team Coach & Auto Pay Accounts Manager

Olivia Gagar

​Recreational Coach & Pre-Team Coach

Jackie Mendoza

​Recreational Coach & Team Coach & Team Fundraising

Haley Wilson

Recreational Coach, Team Coach 

Lorena Wilson

Owner of Stars Gymnastics LLC

Savannah Smith

​Recreational Coach, Team Coach & Private Lesson Coordinator

Committed to providing positive and rewarding classes for children of all ages and abilities