Committed to providing positive and rewarding classes for children of all ages and abilities


Ages 4-7 & 8-10  *Teacher/Student Ratio = 1/3-5

Our classes are open to students with individual learning differences and other special needs who will enjoy a group setting focused on learning rhythm and dance movements.
Classes will range from 30 - 45 minutes, depending on age. 
All classes are taught by a Rhythm Integrative Dance Certified Instructor. Group classes will be a 1:3-5 ratio, students will best succeed in our classes if they receive aid from a parent or friend, dependent on their specific needs. 

adaptive gymnastics (mild disabilities)

Children will benefit from classes that are specifically designed to fit their needs and capabilities.  Gymnastics and other physical activities will be included in lesson plans, as well as guidance with following directions and maintaining self control.    This program will help our  participants gain social skills, confidence in mastering technique and provide them with a fun way to express themselves.  These classes have a max of 5 students.

Developmental Ninja: 

Ages 6-12     *Teacher/Student Ratio = 1/5

Designed  for children who are able to stay with group, follow direction and complete basic exercises, circuits and obstacles with the assistance of an instructor. 
Developmental Ninja classes give kids a fun approach to fitness as they gain strength, conditioning, flexibility,
problem solving and coordination.  With assistance, the participants will be challenged to overcome obstacles
designed for their skill level and needs.  



Our Adaptive classes are inclusive classes that focus on skill development, self-empowerment, and celebrating our differences.


ADAPTIVE Rising Stars: 

Ages 4-8     *Teacher/Student Ratio with parent participation = 1/10

A parent participation class for students with special needs; ages 4—8yrs.  With the instructors direction and guidance, students will warm up their bodies with fun cardio exercises and stretches.  The class will participate in fun activities on three gymnastics events/stations per week.  Activities will be modified to meet the needs of the boys and girls participating in the class. 

Although there is a wide range of ages in this class, all students will be
challenged and will have the opportunity to gain balance, strength, coordination and confidence.